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Re: HDD Extra Pin Interface ???

Posted: Fri Mar 23, 2018 7:56 pm
by Orko
Please help.
I'm very tempted to say PEBKAC and then knock off to have some lunch but I like to think I'm more professional than that.

Ok. To solve your problem you need the following 3 items.

- A source of a large magnetic field. A clinical 1.5-Tesla MRI scanner (cost around £920,000) should suffice.
- Some cutting instrument like a thermal lance.
- Large vat of a suitable superacid. Fluoroantimonic acid works best.

Here goes.
Take you HDDs and expose them to the magnetic field. Be careful that they don't go flying.
Next step is the cutting stage. Take whatever you are using and cut the HDDs into pieces. Like wedges of a cut pizza would look nice.
Last of all is the FUN stage. Carefully, and I mean carefully, full submerge the pieces of HHDs into the vat of superacid. Wait and enjoy the result of your hard work.