Application - Apone

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Application - Apone

Unread post by Apone » Sun Oct 15, 2017 10:22 am

What experience do you have playing MMORPG games?

Played EQ from nearly when it was released up until GoD was released, was part of a small guild on the tunare server called Ronin which eventually merged with several other EU guilds and became Tide which completed end game content, the guild moved to the EU server when it was released. Dabbled with a few other MMORPG like WoW, EQ2, LoTRO and DDO but found them lacking and too oriented towards the solo player so they never held my interest for too long

What raiding experience (if any) do you have? Please give details.

Raided hardcore in EQ from vox/naggy up to Plane of Time before real life took over.

Why do you want to join United Kingdoms?

Would like to be able to group up with others who are online around same time as me with a desire to complete group content.

What are your goals when playing Pantheon?

To explore the world of terminus and have a laugh along the way whilst giving a few mobs a detailed close up inspection of my weapons.

Do you have a microphone to talk to other guild members via our voice chat server?

I do

Do you have pre-alpha access to Pantheon?

I do not

Do you have alpha access to Pantheon?

I do

Do you have beta access to Pantheon?

I do

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Re: Application - Apone

Unread post by Cromulent » Sun Oct 15, 2017 2:43 pm

Hi Apone,

Thank you for your application. Please check your private messages.


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