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Unread post by AwesomeO » Sat Jun 16, 2018 11:21 pm

Hi UK i am a Danish gamer 31 years old, looking for an active guild in pantheon. Im a neard to the bone and have played every mmo there has been for the last decade.

I'm competitive and always want to learn and progress my own skill aswell as team tactics. I have been raiding in many progression guilds with great success. to push the limits is what I find fun :)

I'm social, helpful and always in a joyful mood. Even of you try your hardest, you won't manage to piss me off.

I will play a Shaman or a Cleric in Pantheon since healing is where I truly shine. I currently play high ranked dota 2 where any mistake is punished right away. Witch I personally enjoy a lot. The higere skill cap needed to succeed, the more fun I have.

I got Alpha acces and will buy a new pc just for pantheon. I also stream on twitch every now and then, my channel is very new, but I would like to stream some end game healing in Pantheon. I got a mic and I have led many raides my self during my "gaming carrier" I have also been healing class leader in multiple games, I do enjoy leading, but I also enjoy being a regular member, and just focus on what's at hand.

My goal in pantheon is not nessesarrely to be server first on everything but I'd would not mind it at all. I mainly want to be social, and have a nice relaxing gaming session and get to know new ppl. I do have long term friendships from mmos like eq and such, witch I hope we be the case in UK aswell.

I plan on taking 1 week off work at the release to play as much as humanly possible, so if you have some "hardcore" players in this way I'd be more that happy to offer my assistance.

Next mmo i will play is wow BfA if I recall correct it's in August. Anyway I'm not that exited for the release, since I hate macros and raid waring addons witch has infected the game. It makes mediocre players into great players and even out the personal skill and awareness of the playerbase, witch I think is a very bad idea. But i will defenatly play the raid content hopefully on mythic difficulty. Where I would be interested on teaming up with UK also.

If you can find a more skilled healer I'd be impressed ^^
Also dont mind my bragging here, just want to showcase my "talent". I'm rly a very humble guy.

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Re: Application

Unread post by Cromulent » Mon Jun 18, 2018 5:18 pm

Hi AwesomeQ,

Thank you for your application and sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

Please check your private messages.


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