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Unread post by Mekismo » Thu Jan 24, 2019 8:46 am

Hi all, my RL name is John. I live in Essex, England. I'm 39 yrs old and been gaming since I was about 6 on my first computer a spectrum 48k!

I have loads of MMORPG experience, have played both EQ and WoW since launch and raided high end content. Ive also played many other mmos to a lesser extent such as EQ2, DaoC, Vanguard, Conan, Tera and so on. I'm hoping Pantheon will be the game to replace the void of EQ

I would like to join your guild as I like what you stand for, I like to play in a friendly, mature community and it would be good to be part of this. Playing with likeminded folk is definitely what I hope for, the less drama the better. I'm always happy to help out when people are stuck with a quest or they need help with a corpse run etc.

My goals with Pantheon would be to enjoy the experience, try and play in guild groups as much as possible and just chip away at the levels whilst exploring Terminus!

I have a decent headset with microphone and would enjoy the social aspect, chatting is good :)

As it stands I have pledged $250 so I have Alpha access to the game.

Hope to hear from you, look forward to seeing you in game!

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Re: Application

Unread post by Cromulent » Thu Jan 24, 2019 2:04 pm

Hi Mekismo,

Thank you for your application. Please check your private messages.


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