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App - Webby

Unread post by webby » Tue Jun 06, 2017 9:09 pm


My name is Webby I selected to apply to your guild as it best seem to represent what attract me to pantheon.I have always loved games that put a big emphasis on community, working togeather and making new friends. This is what attracted me to Wow in its earlier stages. Ever since its transformation I have been looking for a game more along those lines.

What experience do you have playing MMORPG games? Please give details.
12 years playing WOW, 4 years playing runescape
What raiding experience (if any) do you have? Please give details.
8 years raiding in WOW inc ranking 2nd for raid damage on silvermoon for my class and spec for a period
Why do you want to join United Kingdoms?
It looked like a friendly progressive guild
What are your goals when playing Pantheon? Please give details.
To make friends and have fun while progressing through the game
Do you have a microphone to talk to other guild members via our voice chat server?
Do you have pre-alpha access to Pantheon?
Do you have alpha access to Pantheon?
Do you have beta access to Pantheon?
no (I am leaning towards purchasing)



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Re: App - Webby

Unread post by Cromulent » Wed Jun 07, 2017 12:43 am

Hi Webby,

Thank you for your application. Please check your private messages.


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