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App - Carnifex

Unread post by Carnifex » Tue Jul 11, 2017 5:12 pm

Hey everyone!

Carnifex here (also known as Haruspex/Bohr). Quick intro: 32-year-old male Quality Analyst from the Netherlands. Hobbies include a motorcycle, fitness and movies.

- What experience do you have playing MMORPG games? Please give details.

Started gaming around when I could walk. Started my MMO journey with EQ in 99, playing it for years on Terris/Prexus until OOW if I recall correctly. Main guilds there were Divine Legend and The Silent Minority. After quite a break, I played again on Vulak for about a year (guild also called UK :). After another break, I played on Ragefire for quite a while as officer of Rosengard.

Other MMO's tried include Ultima, SWG, DAoC, EQ2 (Synergy), EVE, Vanguard (Arch Overseers), Warhammer Online, Rift, SWTOR, GW2, Wildstar and several others, but nothing quite compared to EQ. Less restrictions and more social control are something newer games simply don't bother with :(.

- What raiding experience (if any) do you have? Please give details.
I raided through most of the 00's in multiple games, in many capacities including guild leader, raid leader and officer. All in all, I think I have experience across the board and while I doubt I can ever put in the time as a guild leader, I hope I can always add something to the guild.

- Why do you want to join United Kingdoms?
The social part as well as progression is the main attraction of a MMO for me, so joining a guild is a given. That said, I went out to see what the best fit would be, and UK matched that perfectly. Having other veterans from the same timezone ofcourse being the main attraction. I'm also hoping for the 'quality over quantity' thing ;).

- What are your goals when playing Pantheon? Please give details.
Having less time to spend than 'back in the day', I still hope to progress through all Pantheon content (I loooveee dungeon crawling), meeting people and building friendships along the way!

- Do you have a microphone to talk to other guild members via our voice chat server?

- Pledge
Knight's Pledge, so:
Do you have pre-alpha access to Pantheon? -> No.
Do you have alpha access to Pantheon? -> Yes.
Do you have beta access to Pantheon? -> Yes.

If there is anything else you want to know, just ask!
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Re: App - Carnifex

Unread post by Cromulent » Wed Jul 12, 2017 1:36 am

Hi Carnifex,

Thank you for your application. Please check your private messages.


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